Our Manifesto

Vox knows that revolution doesn’t happen alone. It happens when we all stand strong together. So join us as we make the world a better place. We are a coalition of protestors, resisters, activists, allies and advocates who boldly stand up for what we believe is right and refuse to be silenced. Vox knows that America is a nation built on the simple premise that dedicated people can triumph over imperfect governance. We believe that a vocal group of rebels and activists have the power to change the status quo. We believe that ours is a battle not fought with guns and bombs, but with human voices. The architects of this revolution for justice will be protesters, debaters, screamers and whistle blowers. Each and everyone of us has a choice to bend to the will of tyranny and injustice or stand tall and strong against it. We may never be able to completely stomp out bigotry and injustice, but so long as it persists, so will we.

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