Welcome to the Vox Blog

Welcome to the Vox Coalition blog. As an organization we believe very strongly in the importance of voice. We decided to create Vox to help amplify the voice of those in the resistance movement. And ultimately, we believe that it is human expression, whether it is spoken, written or through art that will serve as our strongest weapon against bigotry and injustice. Beyond our actual apparel, this blog will serve as the primary voice of Vox coalition.


This blog will be a place for us to articulate our thoughts on specific issues and on activism as a whole. We will use it to regularly publish some of our own thoughts and to highlight exceptional writing, media, and art created by others. We will also use it as a place to draw attention to organizations and charities that we believe are doing amazing and important work.


We will also use this blog as a medium to further explore the art and artists behind our apparel collections. This blog will serve as a great resource for further understanding the people and ideas behind much of our clothing. You can expect in depth explorations of the causes we are supporting as well as interviews with some of our artists.


Finally, this blog will serve as the primary channel for communicating what is happening at Vox. We will use this blog to keep our fans up to date on any events or promotions with which we are involved. If you are curious what we as an organization are up to, this blog is the place to look.


We hope to keep the blog regularly updated with fresh, interesting and thought-provoking content. So make sure to check back regularly for all the latest from Vox.

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