What is Vox?

Vox Shirt

Vox is an emerging non-profit apparel coalition that leverages fashion as a tool to fight political and social injustice. As its name suggests, Vox believes that everyone has a right and a duty to use their voice to advocate for a better tomorrow. Today, more than ever before, there are more issues in America worth speaking out on: far too many Americans still don’t have healthcare, immigrants lack basic civil rights, the LGBTQ community faces undue discrimination and reproductive rights are in jeopardy. While there are a myriad of possible actions we can take, Vox believes that the clothes we wear can play a vital role as symbols of advocacy and as conversation starters in the fight for social and political progress.

All of the images featured on our clothing are created in partnership with leading visual artists. We work with these talented artists to create designs with poignant imagery that speaks powerfully to important issues.

Vox also understands that change doesn’t happen by itself.  Some of the most important entities in advancing the many of the issues Vox cares about are non-profits like Planned  Parenthood and the ACLU, that work tirelessly to educate our communities and work with our politicians to achieve their agenda. For this reason, Vox gives back a portion of every sale we make to these organizations.  


Vox continues a long tradition of clothing as a mode of activism and as a powerful symbol of political beliefs. As far back as the French revolution, the proletariat wore rough sewn work clothes as a pointed rebuke against the consumptive excess of the bourgeoisie. In the 1960s, freedom fighters frequently wore formal church wear to protests in a silent bid for equality and respect. Recently, Trump’s iconic “Make America Great Again” hats and the rise of “Pink Pussy Hats” have played highly visible roles as symbols of political belief.